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•How much for a custom doll?

A custom doll starts at $150, and could be more depending on details involved. You can email me at craftytibbles@gmail.com with reference pictures and info. 

•What do you need to get started?

I will need a few good reference pictures of the subject- particularly clear pictures of the outfit, hairstyle, and any unique details (tattoos, jewelry, etc). I take payment up front through PayPal.

•I can't crochet, but I want a doll from one of your patterns- how much?

These will usually cost a little less because I am going from a completed pattern and don't have to customize anything. Contact me for a price.


•What yarn do you use for skin tones?

These are some of my favorites so far. I'm always on the lookout for more.

Red Heart "Buff"

Michael's Impeccable "Heather" 

Red Heart Soft "Off White" 

Red Heart "Warm Brown"

Waverly for Bernat "Antique" 

Red Heart "Aran"

•Do you sell your patterns?

Yes, currently my patterns are available through:




•Do you do requests/trades?

I've got plenty on my to-do list; unless you want to commission something, I don't have time for requests. If you do/make cool stuff and I've got some free time, I might be interested in trades.

•Where do you get the bases?

My boyfriend makes them for me- they are wood plaques you can find in a craft store, and a durable wire. He sands, then paints the base, and shapes the wire to fit each doll.

•Do you make the tiny glasses?

He makes these too, he's pretty handy. They're also wire bent into shape, and usually sealed together and/or painted. We've got plans to make tutorials for them soon.